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Saturday, 31 August 2019

Valentino Garavani Rockstud Bag designer house

valentino rockstud purse
Valentino Garavani took the fashion world by storm way back in 1962, becoming the undisputed master of Italian couture.An amazing dupe of the fashion favourite Valentino rockstud range, these rose gold gladiator sandals have got us pumped and ready for the upcoming Bank Holiday heatwave. Recently, the storied house's menswear collections have been gaining steam - and immense critical praise - as its current designer, Pierpaolo Piccioli, consistently creates couture-level classics with immensely fine Midfoot Strap With Gold Tone Coin Detailing detailing.
Back with a review today (this one's for you Edwina), but it's not quite the same as my usual reviews since this is a bit of a high-end item. But if these shoes were made in Italy and I'm assuming by skilled craftsmen (as most high-end luxury items usually are--though now that I research it, Valentino really needs more transparency about their production because I can't find anything on it). For me these are definitely considered slow fashion since I've had the same pair of Valentino rockstuds (the 2.5" kitten heel ones) for over 3 years and I've worn them to pretty much any function that requires dressy shoes (basically to every wedding and holiday party in the last 3 years along with some Vegas nightclubs). And because these are high-end luxury shoes they have held up like a beast. Seriously, Vegas nightclubs are not a good place for shoes (people stepping on your feet and drinks spilling all the time). But they look almost as good as they day I bought them. The elastic for the small buckles are still holding up, all the leather is still good and no major marks on them (but that's also because I went with nude patent and it's fairly hardy compared to the regular leather).
And because I loved them so much I purchased another pair, a flat version (I think I'm getting old because I can't even handle kitten heels if I have to wear them for over a couple of hours). And to be honest, I love these flat versions even more. They are way more comfortable and less prone to blisters than the kitten heel version (3+ years and I still get blisters in the kitten heels sometimes--usually when I have to walk a lot). I know the age of the Valentino rockstud may be fading (it was trendy for quite a long time) but I don't really care. I love these shoes for how they look, not just because they're "in". Sometimes, under certain lighting, these shoes look super blingy and sparkly. Just what you need in a party shoe.
As for sizing, I'm usually a 7.5-8 (I wear 7.5 in TOMS, 38 in M.Gemi shoes and 8 in Everlane shoes) and I'm a 38 in these Valentino Rockstuds. The Rockstud 105mm Caged Leather Sandals are definitely more forgiving than the kitten heels when it comes to my wide feet.Whether you're jetting off on holiday in search of some sun or remaining in the UK for the foreseeable future, these sandals are the coolest way to update your footwear collection for the warmer months.
In a beautiful shade of fashionable rose gold and dainty straps that wrap right around the ankle, you definitely should be rocking some serious studs this summer.
The platinum studded heels are fast becoming an iconic accessory, worn by everyone from Princess Mary of Denmark to Reese Witherspoon, teamed with everything from casual ripped jeans and shorts to red carpet dresses. Because seriously, can you tell the difference between these deadringer Valentino dupes and their designer original?
And because these shoes have been my only pair of party valentino heels for the last 3 years, I think the cost per wear is somewhere in $50 range (that's not great, but also beats buying $80 Aldo party shoes 3 years in a row and then donating them to Goodwill. Plus how many wears can an Aldo shoe really take?). I see it that at least this way, these party shoes will last me several more years and each year I'm not contributing to the pile of party shoes that end up in landfills.Im on trip in Vegas and Im looking into getting myself a luxury piece, but not as big a purchase as another bag (I got a Balenciaga Classic Town last week from the Dessert Hills outlet). I have been wanting the Valentino Rockstud flipflops since last year but I couldn't get myself to order them because I think they're too expensive for a pair of flipflops. But everytime I try them on in store, I just find them sooooooo cute and classy! Do you guys think I should bite the bullet and pick them up? These may quite possibly be the last pairs of party shoes I'll ever purchase. Now that's slow fashion.Pretty much everyone with a passing interested in luxury fashion is familiar with Valentino Rockstud style. You can purchase Valentino Rockstud shoes (blog post on Valentino Rockstud shoe dupes here), sunglasses, gloves, wallets, and beyond. The Rockstud style is edgy, fashion-forward, and intricately designed. It's no wonder so many people are dying to get their hands on Valentino Rockstud designs. So what's the problem? Well, if you want your very own authentic Valentino Rockstud Bags in your closet, you'll have to spend over $2,500. The good news is I've searched the Internet for Valentino Rockstud bag dupes and found some amazing options on Amazon and other retailers for WAY less than the original.
I'm curious to know how do you guys feel about luxury items. Yes, they're ridiculously priced but at the same time they are made by skilled craftsmen who should be paid fairly well (I mean I'm sure Valentino pays more than minimum wage right?) and they're made to last. Luxury valentino rockstud bag can also be mended and rejuvenated (like bag spas for handbags and cobblers for shoes). Plus most authentic luxury items can be resold and used lovingly by a number of people before they're chucked. So can they be considered ethical and sustainable?

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